Home Renovations & New Pools and Spas

Elevate your renovation or new pool project with Frys Energywise, where sustainability meets innovation. Our services ensure your renovations are eco-friendly, energy-efficient and compliant.

Sustainable Renovation Strategies

Home Renovation Assessments

Transform your home with our energy assessments tailored for renovations. We focus on optimising your living space for energy efficiency, from upgrading insulation, improving window systems & recommending thermally efficient building products. Our goal is to enhance comfort, reduce energy costs, and improve your home’s sustainability profile, making your renovation project not only visually appealing but also environmentally responsible.

Sustainable Pools & Spas

Energy-Efficient Pool & Spas Solutions

Make a splash with our energy-efficient pool and spas solutions. From selecting the right heating systems to the correct level of shading to improve energy efficiency and reduce water evaporation. Our assessments help reduce water and energy usage, ensuring your new or renovated pool and spas complements your sustainable lifestyle while offering endless enjoyment.

Elevating Home Upgrades to New Energy Standards

Maximising Efficiency in Home Renovations and Pool Installations

While the 7-Star NatHERS rating is a benchmark for new homes, the philosophy of striving for high energy efficiency is critical when renovating homes or installing new pools. Frys Energywise brings this commitment to your renovation projects, emphasising the benefits of sustainable design and energy savings. By enhancing the thermal performance and energy consumption of your renovation or pool project, we not only promise significant utility savings but also contribute to reducing the environmental footprint. Our expertise extends to advising on the most energy-efficient solutions, ensuring your upgraded home or new pool sets a benchmark in eco-friendly living. Partner with us to make your renovation or pool installation a model of sustainability and efficiency.

What We Do

Enhancing Renovations, Pool & Spas Installations with Energy Efficiency

Frys Energywise specialises in integrating energy efficiency into home renovations and new pool installations. Our goal is to ensure your projects not only meet current energy standards but also pave the way for a sustainable and cost-effective future. Discover how our services can transform your home renovation or pool project into an eco-friendly oasis.

Energy-Efficient Renovation Planning

We provide comprehensive planning services to incorporate energy-saving measures into your home renovations, from insulation upgrades to the installation of energy-efficient windows and doors, ensuring your home's makeover contributes to its overall energy performance.

Sustainable Pool Design Solutions

Our team offers expert advice on designing and installing eco-friendly pools, focusing on energy-efficient heating systems, water conservation techniques, and sustainable materials, making your pool both luxurious and environmentally responsible.

Renewable Energy Integration

Explore the benefits of integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, into your renovation or pool project. We guide you through selecting the best renewable solutions to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

Compliance and Certification Support

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be challenging. We assist with ensuring your renovation or pool installation meets all necessary energy compliance standards, helping you achieve certifications that recognise your commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

Why Choose Frys Energywise

Your Partner in Sustainable Energy Solutions

Established in 2008, Frys Energywise embodies a commitment to excellence, integrity, and environmental stewardship in energy assessment. Our foundation, built on comprehensive expertise and a dedication to sustainability, positions us as a trusted advisor to Australia’s leading construction firms. Choosing us means access to unparalleled knowledge in energy efficiency and compliance, streamlined processes, and a focus on positive environmental impact. Our approach integrates client-focused solutions with a commitment to community and sustainability, making us more than just a service provider; we're your partner in achieving a greener future. With Frys Energywise, you're choosing a path to sustainability led by a team dedicated to making a difference.

Client Inquries

Frys Common Questions

Explore our common questions section for focused insights on BASIX Certificate assessments and compliance requirements. This resource is tailored to address your BASIX-related inquiries, helping you understand the critical aspects of achieving sustainability and efficiency standards for your residential projects in NSW. For an in-depth exploration of these areas, the “Go to Knowledge Center” button leads you to extensive information and further FAQs specifically about BASIX.

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Our team is here to provide you with the expert advice and solutions you need for BASIX, NatHERS, and other energy compliance standards. Whether you’re planning a new build, renovation, or just seeking to improve your property’s energy efficiency, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to ensure your project not only meets but exceeds energy compliance requirements.