Commercial Energy Efficiency Assessments

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With the recent changes to the National Construction Code, energy compliance is becoming an ever-changing landscape. Commercial property space and energy-efficient design is fast becoming mandatory for builders and developers seeking to gain compliance on commercial development projects.

The team at Frys Energywise is accredited to assess the National Construction Code (NCC) for new commercial and retail buildings (classes 2 to 9) including childcare centres, offices, shops, medical centres, and more.

The eight main sections in the NCC are:

Part J1 – Building Fabric
Part J2 – Glazing
Part J3 – Building Sealing
Part J4 – Air Movement
Part J5 – Air-conditioning and Ventilation Systems
Part J6 – Artificial Lighting and Power
Part J7 – Heated Water Supply and Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Plant and
Part J8 – Facilities for Energy Monitoring

We can assist in completing the most cost-effective form of assessment – the DIY Assessment or the more flexible JV3 Assessment – to get the best outcome.

Section J Assessment

Navigate the complexities of Section J compliance with ease through Frys Energywise. Our specialised Section J Assessment service is designed to comprehensively evaluate and ensure your commercial building meets the stringent energy efficiency requirements set by the National Construction Code. We provide detailed analysis and practical recommendations to enhance your building’s thermal performance, lighting efficiency, and overall energy consumption. Our approach is tailored to not only help you achieve compliance but also to uncover opportunities for long-term energy savings and environmental sustainability. Let us guide you through each step of the process, ensuring your project is both compliant and optimised for energy efficiency.

DIY Assessment

The DIY Assessment uses a facade calculator to determine glazing values required after the orientation, shading and frame material has been nominated. This assessment considers the wall, floor and ceiling material as separate items. These materials are then evaluated against the tables for compliance in the BCA for the specific type of building and climate zone. Often, this type of assessment identifies the need for improved glazing. Recent changes to the DIY assessment has seen a focus more on the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

JV3 Assessment

Conducting a JV3 Assessment by an experienced and qualified energy efficiency consultant, uses a dedicated and approved software to evaluate the whole building. JV3 assessment allows the use of photovoltaic solar panels to offset greenhouse gas emissions, allowing certain over-performing areas to compensate for other areas that may not be performing as well, i.e. windows. In the majority of cases, the JV3 Assessment delivers a much better glazing result, and the additional cost of undergoing this assessment is normally well below the cost of installing improved glazing.

Childcare Centre Energy Reports

At Fry Energywise, our Childcare Centre Energy Reports are tailored to address the unique needs of early learning environments. We understand that improving energy efficiency in childcare centres is not just a compliance requirement but a strategic approach to reduce operational costs. Our comprehensive energy reports focus on key areas such as enhancing the building fabric, upgrading window performance, and improving building sealing. We also evaluate and recommend the use of energy-efficient air conditioning and ventilation systems alongside energy-saving lighting solutions. By optimising these elements, we not only ensure your centre meets mandatory standards but also help create a more sustainable, cost-effective, and comfortable environment for the little ones to learn and grow.

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