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Having to declare the energy efficiency of your home in Australia prior to selling, is not a distant concept. The practice has been in place throughout Europe for years. Since 1999 it has been law in the A.C.T that prior to selling either a new or existing home, an energy performance assessment must be completed and provided to the buyer. This allows the potential home purchaser or tenant to compare the passive energy performance with comparable homes. A recent study by the Melbourne University conducted in 2018 found that in the A.C.T. a 5 and 6 star home, when compared to a 3 star home, attracted an increase of as much as 2% and 2.4% respectively in the selling price and as much as 9.4 per cent with a rating of 7 stars.

When looking at the energy performance of a home, there are simple low-cost methods that can make a huge difference. Things like adding seals to door and window frames to stop draughts, installing insulated curtains to windows that are exposed to the hot summer sun, and removing overgrown vegetation from areas around the home that could be preventing the warming winter sun entering the home – enable the home to warm naturally without the use of heaters. These are just some of the simple measures that can improve the performance of a home.

If you are interested in seeing how your home performs, Frys can conduct a NatHERS assessment on your home to help you determine what can be done to improve its energy efficiency.

The team at Frys Energywise have the training and expertise to provide the right advice that will not only help add value to your home, but also save you on home energy and water bills.

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"Designing homes can be a challenging exercise – as the best views from a site may not be the best orientation. Thanks to Ian and the team at Frys Energywise, Dawsonvu can always guarantee optimising best solar practice whilst exploiting the best views from the site thanks to their knowledge on energy assessments."

- Dawsonvu

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