• Sekisui House

    “As a manager who has multiple staff using the Frys EnergyWise service, I find it extremely easy to manage my team knowing that they will receive timely and accurate reports and assessments”

  • Village Building Company

    “We have been utilising the services of Fry’s Energywise for several years. Their rapid turnaround of our volume housing product greatly assists us in meeting marketing demands and expediting approvals.Ian goes out of his way to assist with technical questions relating to insulation levels required, the impact colours have on heating/cooling and general queries pertaining to BASIX and Energy Ratings. He is always happy to help and fair when it comes to invoicing. I would be remiss to not recommend him to others as he runs an efficient business model that focuses on client requirements”

  • Masterton Homes

    “Ian Fry’s team has provided a terrific service for our company,His timeframes and service have always been in line if not exceeded our expectations”

  • Sunland Group

    “Frys Energywise is a competent and reliable BASIX- consultancy partner for Sunland Group, to achieve sustainable home design for our projects in NSW.”

  • Wisdom Homes

    – Always provides our company with good service & quick turnaround time
    – Always available to reply to any questions our staff may have
    – Competitive rates

  • Clarendon Homes

    “Ian and his team have a good understanding of the residential housing industry, which ensures our energy compliance is both timely and cost effective. Their experience and technical advice is a valuable asset to our business”. – Clarendon Homes

  • Dawsonvu

    Designing homes can be a challenging exercise – as the best views from a site may not be the best orientation. Thanks to Ian and the team at Frys Energywise, Dawsonvu can always guarantee optimising best solar practice whilst exploiting the best views from the site thanks to their knowledge on energy assessments. Ian is not only knowledgable but also ensures a quick turn around ensuring a happy client at the end. We wouldn’t depend on anyone else.