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Buying or building a new home is usually the singular biggest purchase of your life – and it’s critical to get it right. Building a home that is poorly designed for your land, or undertaking renovations that do not take aspect into consideration can end up costing you thousands in additional energy costs over the life of the home.

The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) was introduced in 2004 and is the NSW government’s scheme that regulates the energy efficiency and thermal comfort of all residential buildings in the state. The objective is to achieve a 40% reduction in water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions compared to the average pre-BASIX build.

By identifying relevant sustainability features that can be incorporated into a building’s design – such as rainwater tanks, AAA-rated showerheads and taps, solar water heaters, and wall/ceiling insulation – BASIX delivers equitable and effective water and greenhouse gas reductions across.

An integrated part of the planning system, BASIX applies to all residential dwellings as part of the building approval process in NSW. A BASIX assessment will measure your proposed development against BASIX targets that are based on the NSW home benchmark average.

There are two main options to meet BASIX compliance for thermal comfort: the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Method and the Simulation Method. Your specific house design, including the number of windows and the size of the home, will generally determine the best method for assessment.

Frys Energywise can assist in both forms of assessment. However, we have found that in the majority of cases, undertaking the Simulation Method generally works out to be the most cost-effective option, especially within the new 7 star requirements.


The DIY Method is a simple way of assessing a home for thermal performance but does have limitations.

  • the conditioned floor area is not more than 300 square metres
  • the dwelling is either a single or double-storey
  • the dwelling must not contain an open mezzanine area exceeding 25 square metres
  • the dwelling must not contain third level habitable attic room
  • the glazing area is between 10% and 40% of the conditioned floor area
  • there are no more than 40 windows and glazed doors in the dwelling (combining windows of the same orientation is not allowed)
  • the total area of skylights is not more than 3 square metres.


Simulation Method

With the Simulated Method, an accredited thermal assessor uses approved software to model the house, allowing for a lot more flexibility. This method allows for the inclusion of added insulation, ventilation and shading devices, which usually reduces the need for high performance glazing – delivering a much more cost-effective outcome.

  1. The Simulation method allows for a wider selection of building materials, shading devices and insulation, often reducing the level of improved glazing and other added building costs.
  2. The simulation requires the engagement of an accredited NatHERS Assessor, licensed to use the NatHERS-accredited software
  3. The cost of engaging an Accredited NatHERS Assessor is usually easily covered by the savings in additional building costs.

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Send through your plans for an obligation free quote. Usually, the cost of engaging an accredited assessor to complete a Simulation Method of assessment is less than the cost of installing one improved window.

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