Terms and conditions

Below are Frys Energywise (throughout this document will be referred to as Frys)
standard terms and conditions. It is vital that you (The Client) please take time to read
through thoroughly and ensure you fully understand these terms and conditions and
their implications before you agree to accept the services of Frys. Please also note that
from time to time Frys may need to alter these terms and conditions without notice.
Please contact us if you do not understand any of the terms and conditions in this

Commencement of work

An acceptance of a quotation and or an agreement to utilize the services of Frys
constitutes as an agreement to these terms and conditions.

Payment Terms

“The Client” agrees to pay 50% of the quoted or agreed price upon receipt of the initial
draft for approval. The balance is payable prior to the issuing of the final certificates. If
approval of the draft, with or without requested changes, is not received within 14 days,
payment of the remaining balance is due and payable. Unless other terms of payment
have been agreed prior to the commencement of work.


Where “The Client” requests changes, that are outside the initial quotation request,
amendment fees are payable. Fees will be dependent on the changes required. An
acceptance of the quoted amendment fee is required prior to commencement and
payable under the same terms as detailed under the heading “Payment Terms”

Force Majeure

Frys shall not be liable for any failure or delay of the proposed project where such delay
is wholly or partly due to any cause or circumstances whatsoever outside the reasonable
control of Frys. Including but not limited to war, natural disasters, strikes, lockouts,
industrial disputes or unrest, government and or complying authority restrictions, fire,
power outages, failure attributable to hosting suppliers, breakdown of plant, theft,
vandalism, riots, civil commotions, accidents of any kind or act of terrorism.

Fees for service

It is agreed that the agreed fee for service shall be the quoted fees for service, unless
work undertaken exceeds work outlined. If additional works are required then “The
Client” will be notified, where possible, prior to the work commencing.

Liability & Litigation

Under no circumstances shall Frys be liable to “The Client” for an indirect or
consequential loss suffered by “The Client” relying on the information supplied by
suppliers and or manufacturers of product recommended or suggested by Frys including
(without limitation) loss of profit, loss of contracts or pure economic loss. This includes
any liability to any third party that may also be involved in the project.

Termination policy

From time to time circumstances beyond the control of either party may result in the
need for project cancellation. In the event of The Client cancelling the agreed service
within 24 hours of acceptance. Works commenced will be charged at $150.00 per hour
and all regulatory fees and sub contractor fees payable by Frys, are payable by “The
Client”. If the cancellation notice exceeds 24 hours from acceptance all costs borne by
Frys and a prorata payment based on works completed by Frys are payable “The Client”.

Late Payments & Default

Invoices which are not paid on the due date will incur a late administration fee of $20 +
GST. In addition a late payment fee equivalent to 1.5% of the invoice is payable each day
the payment is outstanding.

The Client and Third Parties

“The Client” will be the person/s and or company that have accepted Frys quotation and
or fees for service. Where “The Client” has provided the acceptance on behalf of a third
party, “The Client” is agreeing to and accepting the conditions included in this terms and